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Marriage is a great moment in one’s life

That is for sure!   After the wedding day, both of you have now become adult’s and life begin to change as you are entering into his/her family. Sooner or later both of you shall enter into parenthood. Your bachelorhood days are over, as you are now responsible for your newly built family.

To hold a Wedding function is a joyous occasion

Unfortunately due to different of opinion from both party, unforeseen incidents and circumstances arise. One party would want it to be casual whereas the other wouldn’t. Therefore even before the wedding day’s, argument and disagreement are bound to happen. In our daily affair, we can do as we pleases.But on the wedding day, we should do it in an auspicious way, after all, everyone wishes to have only once marriage in their lifetime. I believe every newly wed would want their marriage to succeed and live happily ever after.

Wedding ceremony shall follow the latest trend

In this time of age, we heard a lot of interesting ways of holding a wedding ceremony: a special designed wedding gown, a thoughtful gift for the invited guests, or special arrangement on the menu and so on.Some couple’s even have their ceremony on the beach, under the sea or in the forest etc. All this were for the couple to cherish their moment of turning into adulthood.

A marriage will change your life? How do we perceive marriage life in Chinese custom? In ancient time, the Chinese perceive marriage to be a change of individual life style, and it will bring about the change of couple fate. Therefore, they are very particular on choosing auspicious date for this event. Every good thing should start with a good beginning. For this auspicious date, the combination of both newlywed DOB (Date of Birth) were applied so to have auspicious effects to the couple life. Traditionally, getting married will bring auspicious luck to the couple, and could bring happiness and both live in conjugal bliss to a ripe old age. Therefore on this day, the Chinese are very particular in their choice of colors for wedding dress, suitable wedding ring, types of perfume to wear on that day, and type of flower bouquet to use resulting in bringing lucks to the couple’s future.

Marriage could bring you luck Things to be use on your wedding day, could affect your marriage life. According to the Metaphysic study: Each item could affect 7 years, thus, calculating the number of items multiplies by 7 would give the result for the duration of your marriage. If you are using the correct items, it will bring you good fortune, good luck for 7 years.But if you use a wrong item, it could bring bad luck to you for 7 years. For examples: Financial problems, career setbacks, lost of opportunities, problematic marriage. If you are in this predicament of which you do not know, it is possible to resolve the problem by rearranging your bedroom according to the Feng Shui studies. After the adjustment of Feng Shui for two to three years, you will find some improvement, and life shall get better in the coming days.

How long does your luck last? In metaphysic study, our luck changes every 10 years interval. When its your 10 years good time, you will be successful in career and getting richer. But when it happened to be your down turn 10 years, you encounter difficulty in life that will also affect your marriage, suffering non of us would like to have. We ought to know times is merciless, it wait for nobody. We must be ready and be prepared for the moment to arrives. Once the opportunity arrives, we mustn’t let go, we must be able to meet up with the chances to reach our destination.


Bride room can help to reverse the course of events

As we spend at least 8 hours in our bedroom, its Feng Shui (environment) can thus influence us to the greater extent. After a hard day's work and exhausted our energy, we need a comfortable place to rest and recharge. Therefore, the bedroom is a place closely related to our well-being, especially our mental health and our body strength. With the help of good Feng Shui, we could achieve a 70% recuperation. Similarly, bad Feng Shui can also spoil our success rate to that extent. When we have bad health and lack of energy and strength, it is obvious, that we would not do well in our career. Rate of failure will consequently rise up exponentially. When our career or business failed, our finances would be affected. Although money is not everything, it is still very important in this materialistic society. Hence, we must take care of our career and money to avoid ending up a loser.       

Which portion of your bedroom would exert influence on you? The room color, the color of the bed sheet, curtain patterns, and the material of the bed... all these would give us a sense of belonging, a sense of safety. Such sense of belonging will enable us to sleep well and attain good spirit. We will thus, be able to have strong ability in studies, in analytical works and a sharp mind. Success can than be obtained with just half the effort. The arrangement in the bedroom; the lamps we hang; the desk; the dressing table; the position of the bed... all these can become a factors influencing the dweller. They give us inspiration which would lead to foresight, helping us to have aggressiveness, sharpness. Inappropriate investment decision can thus be avoided. 


Happy marriage life starts from here ....

Obstacles in our career would lead to a chain reaction in respect of financial matters, sentiment, family problems and husband and wife relationship, etc. Feng Shui scholars have found after more than 4500 years of studies that bedroom Feng Shui does affect you without you knowing it. Therefore, if we want to succeed in business or career we must first make sure we have the right Feng Shui in our bedroom. The Chinese realize the importance of Feng Shui after making use of the knowledge. Especially the rich understand Feng Shui can help them gain an upperhand over the environment that would cost them millions. The reason why they are willing to pay the heavy expenses on Feng Shui checking and adjustment. As a result, the rich will become richer whilst the poor gets poorer. Adjusting bedroom Feng Shui is not an expensive endeavor. What is needed is to spend some time re-arranging the furniture, change the curtain or bed sheet accordingly. We will then be able to attain good foresight, a sharp mind, and thinking power and decision making ability. With the adverse effect out of the way your success rate can be raised up to 70% and above.


Can we neglect our marriage customs?   The marriage ceremony have to be fashionable,up-to-date, and blaze new trails, but still, we should not neglect each ethnicity custom. Because for so many thousand years it has been practice. There are deep thought and logic behind each ethnicity custom practice. These practices are to bring about prosperity and enriched your marriage. In Chinese marriage custom, it means polite, it represents moral way of thinking in our Chinese society.For instant, when we are in a shopping centre buying things, we have to queue up when paying; this is known as courtesy in our society.As for human, when somebody taking so much afford to bring up their daughter and you are to bring her back to your family, you must pay your respects and be thankful to them. Thus, each marriage represent a meaningful involvement, it means respecting the Chinese peoples civilization, politeness, responsible, sincere, fulfill promise, understanding the worldly wisdom, moral and so on.And it is worth keeping this traditional custom for future generation. Learning traditional custom is learning to be civilize.


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